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For the best solutions – Guaranteed.

3 Seas Shipping is a Crew Manning Company based in Limassol, Cyprus (EU).
With over 15 years’ experience in the Shipping Sector, our ability to offer Quality service is what we strive for.
We have a vast database that can provide to Shipowners and Management companies qualified and experienced seafarers for all type of vessels.
We also have the option to provide complete or partial crew as well as specialists for individual contracts.

By using 3 Seas Shipping
you will have our 24 hours, 365 days a year service,
offering the below services


Complete regional and international crew management, including rotation planning, arranging sources, visas, arrangement of Flag State endorsement for seafarers’ certificates, travel organization, agent interaction as we take whole responsibility for all the related procedures.


Electricians, engine fitters, deck fitters, painters, blasters, welders, turners, riggers and etc. for dry docking periods or whole contracts of employment.


Emergency crew changes are available due to easy travel arrangements for crews of the countries members of the European Union.


At 3Seas-shipping , our travel manager is working on a 24/7 basis to ensure a prompt crew change in order to transfer our crew members at the correct time, to the direct place with the minimum economic expense. In order to have smooth, precise and inexpensive crew changes we try avoid overnight stay or excessive waiting times in the ports.

Our crew manager and travel manager ensure good communication with the seamen, port agents and local agents for an effective and smooth crew travel.3Seas-Shipping works to accommodate and arrange comfortable, inexpensive crew repatriation. Crew travel is an important element of our successful ship management. We work closely with our travel manager to offer the best options to our seamen.


If you are interested in establishing a business cooperation with us or you are interested in opening of your representative office, please contact us. We will be happy to talk over your conditions and requirements about our future cooperation in more detail.